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Choosing materials to support your students, your child, or yourself can be challenging with so many available options and approaches. For the The Spelling Lab program, dyslexia therapist Kayla Reaves is sharing the sequence, pace, and practice words that have worked best for additional spelling support for her students.


Kayla is an LDT (Licensed Dyslexia Therapist) and CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist) with

over 15 years of experience teaching ELA, reading, and dyslexia intervention. She is trained in both the

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Take Flight and Multisensory Teaching Approach (MTA) dyslexia intervention

programs, holds a Masters degree in Literacy Instruction and Curriculum, and is certified as a

Master Reading Teacher EC-12. 

Often spelling skills do not remediate as quickly as reading skills for our students because encoding is a more complicated process than decoding, and The Spelling Lab was born out of that need for additional spelling support. The lessons are designed to build spelling knowledge and skills using concise explanations, clear spelling pattern charts, and consistent, spiraled practice for maximum reinforcement.

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