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Spelling Manual Lesson Example
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 - Instructions are provided on foundational spelling skills.

 - Lessons are scripted to guide you through each sound/concept.

 -  Coded teacher model words are provided to ensure you are correctly modeling the target sound.

 - Spelling pattern charts are provided as a reference resource.

 - Progress monitoring and over 3,000 spiraled practice words are included for significant skill reinforcement.


The Spelling Lab lessons work well for one-on-one or group instruction, and you do not need to be trained in the content to teach it.



  • Lesson Target and Spelling Pattern Chart- Each lesson includes the target skill, keywords or a concept, a concise explanation, and a spelling pattern reference chart entry.​​

Lesson 32.jpg
  • Common Exceptions-

         If the target has a common exception to the 
         most pre
dictable pattern, it will be included 
         on that lesson.

Lesson 32 Exceptions.jpg


  • Scripted Instruction- Exact steps for isolating sounds, considering spelling patterns and situations, and quick coding to double check spelling are included.

Lesson 32 Teacher Steps.jpg
  • Teacher Model and Student Practice Words- 
    Coded model examples for the teacher and student application practice words are provided for each target skill.

Lesson 32 Model and Practice Words.jpg
  • Additional Student Practice Words- 
    The lessons include over 3,000 spiraled practice words to reinforce mastery of skills. 

Lesson 32 Practice Word List Excerpt.jpg
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